How to trim mp3

At times you may have noticed there are many dialogues or other voices at the start of songs on YouTube. You can now easily trim it via MacOS

1. Download song in mp3 format using or 4kVideoDownloader

2. Right click your song and choose QuickTime Player

3. From the menu bar of QuickTime, select Edit > Trim and adjust the length of your MP3 file by moving yellow sliders.

4. Click on the Play button to listen to the trimmed version before you save it. Once after you are ready, click Trim to save the changes.

5. Now, if you save the trimmed audio then it will be saved to .mov format which maybe not our requirement. We need this on mp3 format. To save on mp3 format, click File > Export As > Audio Only

6. Now your audio is saved to .m4a format. We still have to convert it to .mp3 format. To do that, rightclick on the converted .m4a audio file and open with iTunes or Music application.

7. Next, choose File > Convert > Create MP3 Version from the menubar

8. That’s all.

Also, make sure you have changed import settings to MP3 Encoder before converting to MP3 by selecting Music > Preferences > Files > Import Settings. From here you can also alter the quality of audios.