How to view Wi-Fi Password on Windows 10

There are many ways to view saved WIFI password on Windows 10.

Method – 1

  1. Make sure you are connected to the WIFI instead of LAN. On the task bar, right click on WIFI connection icon and select Open Network and Sharing Center.
  2. In connection section, click WIFI name you are connected to.
  3. Click on the Wireless Properties

  4. Finally, click on the Security tab. And check Show characters to reveal the Network security key.

Method – 2

Using Windows command prompt

  1. First of all, open command prompt (Windows Key + X + C)
  2. Type following command to show all Wifi profiles saved on your computer

    netsh wlan show profiles

  3. Next, to reveal the WIFI password, type following command

    netsh wlan show profile name=<wifi profile name> key=clear

    Replace <wifi profile name> profile name with the Wifi name. In our case, its AI
  4. Finally, you will see the password under Security settings in Key content section.

Method – 3

Using third party software – Wifi password revealer

Alternatively, you can use thirdy party software like – Using Wifi password revealer to find the saved WIFI password. This is the easiet and quicker method than Method – 1 and Method – 2

You can download Wifi password revealer here.

  1. Download and Install Wifi password revealer. And start it. There you will see  all your WIFI along with their password.