What is JIRA Query Language & how to use them?

JIRA Query Language (JQL)

JQL stands for JIRA Query Language and is not to be confused with Java Query Language. It’s the most flexible way to search for issues in JIRA. Another benefit? JQL is for everyone: developers, testers, project managers, as well as business users.

There are basically three part in JQL:
Field – target search like projects, epic, issue
Operator – comparision to be done
Value – what it should compare with? Eg name of project etc

Source – atlassian.com


How to write JIRA Query?

  1. From the menu bar choose Issues > Search for Issues
  2. If you do not see the bar where you can type JQL commands then click Advanced.
  3. Next, in the text box you can start writing JQL commands. You may press enter or click search button
  4. If you click example filters on the left pane like Reported by me, My open issues etc then you will see builtin query that will be automatically typed in the command bar.


jql-6 jql-7


Other useful JQL commands

To find unassigned issues:
assignee is EMPTY order by creator ASC 

To find all issue assigned to you:
assignee=<your jira name>
Eg: assignee=uttam.shrestha

To find tickets of project ABC with status done and ordered by created date
project = ABC and status = Done ORDER BY createdDate

To find tickets of project ABC with status = complete
project = ABC and status = “Code Complete”

To show all issues updated today
updatedDate >= startOfDay()

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