How to view reports

Jira provides few basic reports by default

  1. To view report, from the menu bar, choose projects and click your project name. Then on the left pane click Reports. report1
  2. There are many reports provided by JIRA. Depending on project the report varies but there are some basic report same for all like Average age report, Pie chart report etc. Click on any report type and in next screen put configuration value and your report is displayed as per your requirements. You can also change project immediately by clicking Change Filter or Project and choose new project.

Some useful report type

  • Average Age Report
    Shows the average age of unresolved issues for a project or filter. This helps you see whether your backlog is being kept up to date.
  • Pie Chart Report
    Shows a pie chart of issues for a project/filter grouped by a specified field. This helps you see the breakdown of a set of issues, at a glance.
  • Recently Created Issues Report
    Shows the number of issues created over a period of time for a project/filter, and how many were resolved. This helps you understand if your team is keeping up with incoming work
  • Resolution Time Report
    Shows the length of time taken to resolve a set of issues for a project/filter. This helps you identify trends and incidents that you can investigate further.
  • Time Since Issues Report
    For a date field and project/filter, maps the issues against the date that the field was set. This can help you track how many issues were created, updated, etc, over a period of time. 
  • User Workload Report
    Shows the time estimates for all unresolved issues assigned to a user across projects. This helps you understand the user’s workload better.

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