How to bulk delete issue in JIRA


In order to execute a bulk operation, you will need to be granted the appropriate project-specific permission and the global Bulk Change permission by your JIRA administrator. For example, you would need to be granted both the Move Issue and Bulk Change permissions in order to execute the Bulk Move operation.

The project-specific permissions are still respected for the collection of issues selected for the bulk operation.


To disable mail notification for a particular bulk operation, deselect the Send Notification checkbox in the bulk operation wizard. In order for this option to be available, you must be an administrator or project administrator of all the associated projects on whose issues the bulk operation is being performed. Read more about this here.


  1. Perform a search with the required filters to produce an issue result set.
  2. Select Tools > Bulk Change.
  3. The next screen allows the selection of the issues on which to perform the bulk operation.
  4. The next screen allows the bulk operation to be selected, see the table below for the operation you are performing.

    Operation Action
    Delete The final step is confirmation of the delete operation on the selected issues.
    Edit The next screen provides a list of the available edit operations that can be performed on the issues selected. After selecting the required Edit operation(s), the final step is confirmation of the edit operation(s) on the selected issues.
    Move The next screens allow a target project and issue type to be selected, with the ability to migrate workflow statuses and update required fields as necessary. Further details can be found in theBulk Move section.
    Workflow Transition The next screen shows the available workflow transitions that can be performed on the issues. The transitions are grouped by workflow — along with a list of the affected issues for each workflow transition. Once an operation is selected, the appropriate field screen for that operation is displayed — allowing any necessary field edits that are required to complete the transition. It should be noted that only those issues associated with the selected transition will be updated. It is only possible to select one transition per bulk workflow transition operation.
    Watch The final step is a confirmation of the watch operation on the selected issues.
    Stop Watching The final step is a confirmation of the unwatch operation on the selected issues.