How to create & search filters

1. Type JQL query and after you obtain result click Save as at the top. Or you can click New filter on the left pane.

  1. Next give filter name and click Submit

How to search filters

You can see filters created by anyone but make sure you have right privileges.

  1. From the menu bar, choose Issues > Search for issues
  2. Next from the left menu, choose Find filters.
  3. Next, type the filter name if you know or type owner name (jira username) if you want their filters. If you just keep everything blank and click Search then all the filter created by everyone will be shown.
  4. Also, you can look filters on following type:

To view, simply clicked on the item located at the left pane.

Also, to make filter favorite, simply click favorite icon in filter listing page (obtained after searching filter)



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