Useful links

Websites for watching movies / series online

S.N URL Note
1 In this website, you can watch latest movies for free
2 To download high quality youtube audio
3 To clip / cut mp3 online

Websites for playing games

S.N URL Note
1 You can play minecraft online for free

Websites for good health

S.N URL Note
1 It will calculate how good and beautiful you are and will also guess when you will going to die.

Websites for learning

S.N URL Note
1 Download any ebook for free
2 Fundamental Stock Training by CA Rachana Phadke Ranade
3 Basic and technical Stock Training by CA Rachana Phadke Ranade

Websites for any IT related topics

S.N URL Note
1 You can search and download any alternative software than the one you couldn’t buy or install. Eg: If you search alternative to Adobe Photoshop then it will list many software which has same functionality as Adobe Photoshop
2 This teaches you all about security and hacking in an interactive way
3 To download Photoshop on macOS M1

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