IT companies in Nepal

1. Logica beans Pvt. Ltd.
No. of full time employee (approx.) – 40+
Name of CEO / Owner – Kailash Shrestha
Headquarter : Lal Colony Marga, Near Durbarmarg, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Countries involved: Nepal
Founded In : 2017

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Logica beans is a Nepal based Software Development & IT Services company founded in 2017. Logica beans is f1soft group company. They serve customers from different parts of the world, and offer significant experience and expertise in a broad range of technologies which includes value-added IT services such as Application Development, Customized Software Development, Quality Assurance, Full Stack Development
Technology in use:
React Native, Flutter, HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL

2. Omnicom Media Group Nepal
No. of full time employee (approx.) – 40+
Name of CEO / Owner – Sajjan Dahal
Headquarter : Nepal
Countries involved: Nepal
Founded In : 2013
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Omnicom Media Group Nepal is a Software development and Outsourcing Company based in Kathmandu Nepal. Agile IT Solutions offers a range of different services ranging from web development, software development to On Page SEO techniques and Off Page SEO tactics.
Technology in use:

3. Cloudfactory
No. of full time employee (approx.) – 130+
Name of CEO / Owner – Mark Sears
Headquarter : Bhaisepati Kathmandu, Nepal
Countries involved: Nepal, USA, Kenya, Hongkong
Founded In : 2008
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CloudFactory is an online work platform for data-intensive processes, which allows technology companies to add human-powered features to their software platforms. CloudFactory’s unique combination of advanced technology and talented people lets SaaS (Software as a Service) companies grow by introducing new and improved features they can’t develop with technology alone.
Technology in use:
Ruby on Rails

4. Javra
No. of full time employee (approx.) – 100+
Name of CEO / Owner – Frank Mollers
Headquarter : Javra Software B.V. Gutenbergweg 1 Culemborg, BA 4104Netherlands
Countries involved: Nepal, Netherland
Founded In : 1999
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Javra Software helps customers solutions related to Web App Development, Mobile App Development, Big Data and BI, Progress Services (Modernization +Digital Transformation using kendo UI), E-Commerce and Integration Messaging. They offer offshore outsourcing services and onshore services to customers Worldwide through our offices in The Netherlands and Nepal.
Technology in use:

5. Verisk Information Technologies
No. of full time employee (approx.) – 140+
Name of CEO / Owner – Nadine Hays
Headquarter : Nepal
Countries involved: Nepal, USA
Founded In : 2001

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Verisk Information Technologies or widely known as VIT ( is a software research and development center for Verisk Analytics, our parent company based in USA. As a US offshore company, VIT offers risk assessment services and decision analytic that help customers better understand and manage their risk. VIT, a leader and trendsetter in software industry in Nepal, provides cutting edge technology and world class infrastructure for IT professionals. We give highest priority to every employee’s development program. Technology in use:
Ruby on Rails

6. Leapfrog Technology Inc.
No. of full time employee (approx.) – 92+
Name of CEO / Owner – Himal Karmacharya
Headquarter : One Broadway, 14th floorCambridge, MA 02142 United States
Countries involved: Nepal, USA
Founded In : 2010

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Few services provided by Leapfrog are:  Software Development, Product Development, Visual Design, Server Operations, Mobile App Development, UI/UX, Security
Technology in use:
Ruby on Rails

7. Deerwalk Inc
No. of full time employee (approx.) – 300+
Name of CEO / Owner – Rudra Pandey
Headquarter : 430 Bedford Street Lexington,Massachusetts 02420 United States
Countries involved: Nepal, USA
Founded In : 2009

View their Job Opening Deerwalk is a healthcare analytics and “custom” software development company focused on delivering Big Data solutions to the healthcare industry. The healthcare IT space is cluttered with solutions built on technology that is 15 years old. At Deerwalk, we are bringing healthcare IT into the future. Deerwalk is led by Rudra Pandey and Jeff Gasser who were part of the founding team at D2Hawkeye. Deerwalk’s senior executive team has more than 50 years of healthcare IT experience and more than 100 years in management at the C-Suite level of healthcare businesses. They have a senior engineering team highly experienced in Apache Hadoop, HBase, Elastic Search and other Big Data technologies.
Technology in use:
8. Braindigit IT Solution
No. of full time employee (approx.) – 100+
Name of CEO / Owner – Nischal (Man) Pradhan
Headquarter : Nepal
Countries involved: Nepal, Australia, India
Founded In : 2008

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BRAINDIGIT has been one of the major contributors to the global market in Business Application Development, Enterprise Content Management, Mobile Apps Development and Collaborative eCommerce Solution. BRAINDIGIT IT Solution provides one of the best services globally to meet all the IT needs of your business. With extensive analytical research and the best heads working for providing solutions, your business is tailored, not only to be different but to be the best.
Technology in use:
9. GrowByData
No. of full time employee (approx.) – 50+
Name of CEO / Owner – Prasanna Dhungel and Scott Smigler
Headquarter : Nepal
Countries involved: Nepal, USA
Founded In : 2014

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GrowByData was founded by leaders in SaaS development and Big Data analytics, who have leveraged the power of global operations for decades. We help early- to growth-stage companies use data to improve margins, delight customers, and accelerate revenue growth. Just as the revolution in computing enabled new companies – like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google – to become global powerhouses, the data revolution will create opportunities for a new class of companies to emerge as leaders.
Technology in use:
10. Proshore
No. of full time employee (approx.) – 43
Name of CEO / Owner – Haico Duisters
Headquarter : de Boelakkers 4 Heeze, 5591 RA, Netherlands
Countries involved: Nepal, Netherlands
Founded In : 2009

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Proshore is all about new media. It is our passion to devise, design, and realize new media solutions. We employ our own method when doing so, and we set up our company in an accordingly opinionated, special way. One solid team, based in two countries: the Netherlands and Nepal.
Technology in use:
Design, Graphics
11. ebPearls
No. of full time employee (approx.) – 140+
Name of CEO / Owner – Suman Katwal
Headquarter : Suite 109 59 Marlborough StreetSurry Hills, Sydney,NSW2010Australia
Countries involved: Nepal, Australia, UK
Founded In : 2005

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ebPearls is a Sydney, Melbourne, London and Nepal based company with a development center in Kathmandu, Nepal. Established in the year 2005. We have strong team of 140+ skilled experienced IT professionals. As an industry leader with many years of experience, we have delivered hundreds of successful, beautiful, standards compliant web sites.
Technology in use:
PHP, Android, IOS
12. F1Soft International Pvt. Ltd.
No. of full time employee (approx.) – 150+
Name of CEO / Owner – V N Biswas Dhakal
Headquarter : 10 Anson Road #26-04 International Plaza Singapore, 079903 Singapore
Countries involved: Nepal, Singapore
Founded In : 2004

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F1Soft International, one of the leading Companies for developing and deploying enterprise products on Mobile Financial Services (MFS) and Transaction Banking. The Company was duly established in 2004 and has its Head Office in Singapore. F1Soft International has created an image of its own in the field of Software Development and IT related services through the course of its persistent effort for the last 7 years. The Company has built up an impressive list of clients, most of which comprises of leading Banks and financial Institutions, Corporate Houses, Industrial firms, Media Houses, Telecommunication Institutions, Travel Agencies and other Organizations which bear a name in their field.
Technology in use:
.Net, Java
13. Logpoint
No. of full time employee (approx.) – 100+
Name of CEO / Owner – Jesper Zerlang
Headquarter : Jagtvej 169B Copenhagen, 2100 Denmark
Countries involved: Nepal, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France
Founded In : 2001
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The LogPoint solution is in its 5th version and is a truly advanced Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform. This platform enables businesses around the globe to live up to compliance regulation, optimize their enterprise’s potential and protect valuable assets. LogPoint delivers the most flexible and easy to use platform for collecting, analyzing, and monitoring your machine data whether it is generated by applications, databases, infrastructure, sensitive assets, manufacturing systems, or security systems.
Technology in use:
14. IT Traders Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
No. of full time employee (approx.) – 10
Name of CEO / Owner – Durga Pd. Chaulagain
Headquarter : Sorakhutte, Kathmandu, Nepal
Countries involved: Nepal
Founded In : 2021

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IT Traders Nepal is a digital service-oriented company in Nepal. They are fully focused on providing a wide range of digital services to help our client achieve their dream of a creative, unique website which is capable of competing among the large brands.
Technology in use:
HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL
S.N Company
15 H.L.E. Nepal Pvt. Ltd. –
16 Seva Devlopment
17 Logica beans
18 Peace Nepal DOT Com
19 D2hawkyee
20 Digital Max Solutions
21 Investfly
22 Semicolon Developers Network
23 Waituk
24 Pioneer Solutions Nepal
25 Bajra Technologies
26 IT Nepal
27 Curves n’ Colors
28 WorldLink Communications
29 CrossOver Nepal
30 Focusone Nepal
31 Serving Minds
32 IT Offshore Nepal
33 Bent Ray Technologies
34 Jasper IT Solutions
35 Pracas Infosys
36 SoftNEP
37 Synergy Tech
38 LinkTree
39 Nepasoft Solutions
40 Mercantile Communications
41 Young Minds Creation
42 Centerpoint Networks
43 Alternative Technology
44 IT Himalaya
45 Swastik IT
46 Doodle Creation
47 Neolinx
48 TechnoSpace
49 Professional Computer System
50 Web Creation Nepal
51 Beltronix
53 Avenues Nepal
54 Best Nepal
55 Dreams & Ideas
56 Asteroid Venture
57 Unisoft Solutions
58 Zobysoft
59 WebTech Nepal
60 Lux Infotech
61 Ant Software
62 Arhant Solutions
63 Sabaiko Technologies
64 Yakso Technologies
65 Café SourceCode Nepal
66 Designco Nepal
67 Nepal Media Network
68 Datasphere IT Consultancy
69 Everest Net
70 Nexus Nepal
71 Techminds Network
72 e-Zone International
73 Data Analysis & Software Solutions
74 Nepal KC Consulting
75 Nepal Software Developer
76 Iweb Nepal Technologies
77 Orasoft
78 SmartChoice Technologies
79 Softwebs Nepal
80 Tulips Technologies
81 Website Design Nepal
82 Codemandu Software
83 Dryice Solutions
84 Nyatapol Technologies
85 Sparc Technologies
86 View Nepal
87 WORXpro
88 Capital Eye
89 Cyberlink
90 Incessant Rain Animation Studios
91 Nepal Web Development
92 New Harvest Softwares
93 Rigo Technologies
94 Radiant InfoTech Nepal
95 Easy Software
96 Gajur Technology
97 Colors to Web
98 Namaste Technology
99 Nepal Link Network
100 Azrach IT Pvt. Ltd

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