Credit Cards in Nepal

A Credit Card is a payment card, which enables you with the option of making purchases on credit. Spend now and pay later! It is a convenient financial management tool. It offers many benefits, however at the same time it also carries many responsibilities to the holder.

Few Banks that provide credit cards in Nepal
  1. Standard Chartered
  2. Nabil Bank
  3. Siddhartha Bank
  4. Prabhu Bank
  5. Laxmi Bank
  6. Nepal Investment Bank
Benefits of Credit Card
  • Use now pay later
  • Can be used in many stores where card is accepted
  • 60 – 90% Cash Advance Facility both in Nepal & India.
  • Wide acceptance in India and Nepal.
  • Interest free
  • Minimum age requirement : 18 years.
  • Nepalese Nationals.
  • Should be able to provide valid income source.
  • Is applicable to both salaried and self-employed person
Documents required for salaried employee
  • Salary Certificate from the current employer.
  • Copy Of Citizenship & Latest Photograph.
Documents required forĀ Partnership/Proprietorship/Self-employed
  • Business in operation for 3 Years
  • Company Registration document/s
  • Latest Income Tax Return and management prepared and/or audited accounts
  • Copy Of Citizenship & Latest Photograph

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