How to Download Songs from Spotify to MP3

Download MP3 from Spotify -Featured Image

You may come accross awesome song on Spotify and wanted to download them. Spotify uses your device’s available memory to: Store temporary, or snippets of, music for streaming (i.e. as cache). This means that when you press play, you hear the music immediately with few interruptions. Download music is available for premium users only but still you wont be able to download it in MP3 format in easy way.

With this tutorial I will teach you how to download Spotify song in MP3 format.

  1. Open your Spotify and copy the share link
    Download MP3 from Spotify - Step 1 Image
  2. Open Chrome browser and install chrome extension – Spotify™ & Deezer™ Music Downloader (
    Download MP3 from Spotify - Step 2 Image
  3. Open the copied Spotify playlist URL in the chrome browser.
    Download MP3 from Spotify - Step 3 Image
  4. Now you will see download button next to each song. Just hit download and your song will get downloaded as MP3 format
    Download MP3 from Spotify - Step 4 Image