Deification of the Saboteur -III Nepali Metal Concert – 18 June 2011 with Subash KC. I think Gothica performing live!


Relaxing after a long trek during Pharping educational tour – 18 July 2011. This one is shot somewhere in Pharping.


Group gathering at CloudFactory


Getting cozier with my Dell Inspiron.


Office snap during lunch break.

Sony smart watch video review

Tech rising despite odd government behavior

Despite failed/failing government with 5+ hours of power cut (everyday) tech sector doing great job in Nepal.980946_513315252050065_1257448793_o

Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal is inspiring thousands of students to shine as MSP (Microsoft Student Partners) and CloudFactory is aiming to create million jobs (already hired 2400+) with its micro job crowd-sourcing model. Entrepreneurs leading the nation. #MICNepal @theCloudFactory



Give job or money

Last week when I was on my way to office I saw a bunch of youth sticking pamphlet by the road. The pamphlet says give job or money . Nepal unemployment association initiated it. They even asked Nepal bandh for 3 days.  Many rallies has been conducted for similar cause.

Unemployment has been a core issue for more than a decade in Nepal. In western culture, working starts from teen age but in Nepali people starts working after teen age which eventually led people being bit lazy and too chberojgaroosy for the job.

When people can’t find right job and are unemployed for too long then they start developing stress.

Stress is a common part of life – we all have our share. Every one of us has had some stress to deal with in our lives (and more will come). But unemployed people has more. It may also be that someone who is at that point now, may need a little help in perceiving the difficulties they face, in such a light.

CloudFactory aims to connect one million people in the developing world to basic computer work and raise them up as leaders to address poverty in their own communities. So far, CloudFactory has hired more than 1000+ cloud workers who completes more than million tasks every day sitting at home and working part-time or even full time. They earn somewhere between Rs 5000 – Rs 16,000 in a month. If you can type and know basic English then you are eligible to apply. You don’t have to be super typist. Anyone living in Kathmandu & Pokhara can apply. Whether you are graduate student or under graduate student or even less or more you can apply and start earning immediately.

All you need is basic computer skills.

Why unemployment rate is high in countries like Nepal? It’s not only due to industry being less compared to western countries but also because people only tend to look for better jobs. 17 out of 20 people are unwilling to accept odd job. In developed nations even engineers, doctors work as a car washer  during their part-time but here in Nepal a computer engineer won’t take computer operator job even if he is unemployed for several months.

If we are serious in eradicating unemployment sooner or later then working culture has to be developed from early teen age. Small or big, good or bad – job is job. At the end of day all that count is performance.

If you are unemployed or looking for job then CloudFactory is here to help you.